Development plans

The Urban Transport Master Plan of Belgrade, which was adopted by the City Assembly of the City of Belgrade, defines the routes of the future two metro lines and four urban BG:voz lines.

The planned BG:voz lines are, as follows:

Line 1: Batajnica – Beograd Centar - Ovča, 31.3 km long

The plan provides for new stations / stops: Batajnica Istok, Kamendin, Altina, Belvil, Sajam and Makenzijeva, new tunnels on the section Zemun - Tošin bunar 2 km long and new track on the section Tošin bunar – Novi Beograd, 15.4 km long.

Line 2: Beograd Centar - Resnik – Beograd Centar, 11.9 km long

The plan provides for a new station / stop Košutnjak.

The trains are currently running on the route Ovča - Resnik - Ovča, 23km long, until the introduction of line 3.

Line 3: Makiš - Rakovica - Karaburma - Makiš, 13.7 km long

The plan provides for new stations / stops: Makiš, Vodovodska, Košutnjak, Makenzijeva and Vuk Vrčević. The station / stop Košutnjak interchanges with Line 2, and the station / stop Makenzijeva with Line 1.

Line 4: Novi Beograd - Nikola Tesla Airport - National Stadium – Novi Beograd, 16.2 km long

The plan provides for new stations / stops: Highway, Nikola Tesla Airport, Surčin and a new track 16.2 km long. The Belvil station / stop interchanges with Line 1.

It is provided that in 2019 Belgrade will be connected with the suburban municipalities of Lazarevac, Barajevo, Mladenovac and Sopot through the BG:voz system.

Starting from September 1, 2019, a line on the route Beograd Centar-Mladenovac-Beograd Centar will be put in operation.

On weekdays departures from Beograd Centar station will be at 4.22, 15.56 and 16.56, and from Mladenovac station at 5.47, 6.07 and 18.32.

On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays departures from the station Beograd Centar will be at 4.22 and 15.56, and from the station Mladenovac at 6.07 and 18.32.

For passengers on this route, there will be a connection with trains running from Mladenovac station at the station Beograd Centar with trains to Batajnica station at 7.11, 7.50, and 19.50. Also, there will be a connection to Ovča station at 7.08, 7.32.

Departures to the station Mladenovac at the station Beograd Centar will have connections with trains running from Batajnica station at 15.50, 16.32, and also with trains from Ovča station at 15.50, 16.50. At Resnik station, trains running from Mladenovac make a connection to Ovča station at 7.10, 7.25 (to Pančevo Bridge), 8.10, 19.55, and also from Ovča station at 16.38 (Pančevo Bridge), 16.53, 17.38.

There is an ongoing reconstruction of the railway over Mala Krsna (Rakovica - Jajinci - Mala Krsna), so that all trains (passenger and freight) are running through the station Mladenovac, and thus the number of departures on the route Mladenovac - Resnik – Beograd Centar cannot be larger. Upon completion of the work, conditions will be created to increase the number of departures on this route.

The Development Plan also provides that from December 15, 2019 a line on the route Lazarevac - Ovča - Lazarevac, as well as on the route Lazarevac - Resnik – Lazarevac will be introduced.

Three departures from Lazarevac to Ovča and three departures from Ovča to Lazarevac are provided, as well as three departures from Lazarevac to Resnik and three departures from Resnik to Lazarevac.

The timetable for these routes will be published in a timely manner.