PUC "Belgrade Metro and Train", Belgrade performs activities of general interest for the City of Belgrade in the field of urban and suburban land passenger transport.

The Company's primarily activities include organizing and performing professional tasks on the construction, maintenance, reconstruction and protection of metro system infrastructure in the City of Belgrade, organizing and managing train transport within the metro system of the City of Belgrade, as well as procuring and maintaining of rolling stock and work organization and station maintenance. Also, PUC "Belgrade Metro and Train" provides services for organizing professional trainings and defining security procedures, performing professional tasks in the field of developing high-capacity rail systems in the City of Belgrade (metro and urban railway - BG:voz), which includes proposals for new lines, new stations, increasing the capacity of existing systems and optimizing connections with other modes of public transport.

The company actively participates in the drafting laws and bylaws related to the metro system and urban railway, monitoring and supervising the implementation of adopted projects, activities related to land, property and office space during construction and operation of the metro system in the City of Belgrade. PUC "Belgrade Metro and Train" within its scope coordinates the activities with railway companies in order to develop and improve the urban railway - BG:voz conducts activities on the procurement and repair of rolling stock for the needs of the urban railway - BG:voz.